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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Location! Jamestown: Gateway to the Modern World

If you get the chance to travel through Virginia this year, you can't go wrong spending an afternoon in Jamestown, the setting for Mary Johnston's bestselling novel of 1900, To Have and to Hold. Mary's story takes place in 1621, when a once-struggling Jamestown has finally gained a strong foothold, and the Virginia Company has decided it's time to send women to the colony. It's a fascinating period in world history, and Jamestown Settlement has a special exhibit in place celebrating the emergence of a global community.

If you visit, in addition to all of their fantastic regular exhibits, you'll get a chance to see, “The 17th Century: Gateway to the Modern World,” a special exhibition organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for Jamestown Settlement. It continues daily through August 15, 2012, with a related evening lecture on June 9, “Captains, Monarchs, Philosophers, and Merchants: Picturing the 17th Century.”

The exhibition explores developments that set in motion the transition from the “old” world of the Mediterranean to a new globally connected world, and features sixty-five objects from the museum's collection selected to illustrate seven themes throughout the exhibition:

Sir Thomas Dale
  • The World of the Mediterranean 
  • Westward Ho! Conquest of the Atlantic 
  • Religious Conflicts: Reformation and Counter Reformation 
  • Enlightenment: New Philosophies and Technologies 
  • New Trade Routes and Products 
  • Silver and Silversmiths 
  • Portraits: Faces of the New Century 

For more information on visiting Historic Jamestown, please visit their website, and be sure to check out the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, too.


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