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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dear Diary: Importance of shorter hair for women in present crisis...

April 4, 1841

Paper on Boulders & Till of South America.— finished April 4th.— Was idle & unwell—sorted papers on Species theory.

-- Charles Darwin, from Personal Journal

April 9, 1942

At tea-time went to Mayfair Hotel to see demonstration of ‘Liberty cut’ sponsored by Ministry of health as an anti-typhus measure. New line of country for me; place crowded with hairdressers, representatives of the Press (mostly hard-working women plainly dressed), and fashionable ladies in mink coats looking as if they’d never heard of the war. Several leading hairdressers talked on importance of shorter hair for women in present crisis. Demonstrations of ‘Liberty cut’ on different girls followed, including a showing of the ‘cut’ itself. The number of men interested me; it showed how much money there is to be made out of women’s hair.

-- Vera Brittain, from The Assassin’s Cloak: An Anthology of the World’s Greatest Diarists, edited by Irene and Alan Taylor

April 13, 1805

Saw some buffalo and elk at a distance today, but killed none of them. We found a number of carcasses of the buffalo lying along shore, which had been drowned by falling through the ice in winter, and lodged on shore by the high water when the river broke up about the first of this month. We saw also many tracks of the white bear of enormous size, along the river shore and about the carcasses of the buffalo, on which I presume they feed. We have not as yet seen one of these animals, though their tracks are so abundant and recent. The men, as well as ourselves, are anxious to meet with some of these bear. The Indians give a very formidable account of the strength and ferocity of this animal, which they never dare to attack but in parties of six, eight, or ten persons; and are even then frequently defeated with the loss of one or more of their party.

-- Captain Meriwether Lewis, from The Journals of Lewis and Clark


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