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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Extra! Extra! The Magnificent Ambersons Blog Tour

The Legacy Vintage Collection Enhanced Edition of The Magnificent Ambersons is hitting the road!

Please join us this month as we traverse the blogosphere, sharing reviews, giveaways,  and guest posts for our newest release!

The Magnificent Ambersons is a story of unfulfilled love and the redemption of the human soul told against the backdrop of a changing world, a world in which old money and family prestige is rapidly being taken over by progress and industrialization. Written in 1918 and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1919, The Magnificent Ambersons still delivers a relative tale for today’s audience that is facing a whole new set of socioeconomic pressures in an ever-changing world. Enhanced Edition eBook Bonus Content: Introduction, Glossary, Image Gallery.

Tour Schedule:

April 6:    The Second Sentence, Review and Giveaway
April 8:    Brazen Broads Book Bash, Review
April 10:  Let Them Read Books, Excerpt and Image Gallery
April 12:  Unabridged Chick, Review
April 15:  My Devotional Thoughts, Review and Giveaway
April 18:  The Book Garden, Review
April 20:  Bippity Boppity Book, Review and Giveaway
April 23:  Keep Going You Fool!, Review and Giveaway
April 25:  Confessions of an Avid Reader, Review and Guest Post
April 26:  At Home with a Good Book and the Cat, Review
April 27:  A Bookish Affair, Review and Giveaway

In honor of the blog tour, we're offering The Magnificent Ambersons at a special price of just 99-cents for the month of April--and you can purchase it right there in our facebook store!

Check out The Magnificent Ambersons on The Vintage Reader and in The Vintage Reader Forum, and find it on these sites: Pinterest, Youtube, Goodreads

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