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Friday, May 25, 2012

Enhanced eBook: Dora Deane by Mary Jane Holmes

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A timeless Cinderella-inspired tale from one of the nineteenth century’s bestselling authors! 

After the death of her mother, Dora Deane is reluctantly taken in by her aunt Sarah, who already has her hands full with two vain and selfish daughters determined to appear more to the world than they really are. Eugenia, the oldest of Dora’s cousins, is quick to capitalize on their new household member, and wastes no time turning Dora into her servant. Nor does she waste one dollar sent from old Uncle Nat, intended for Dora’s upkeep, but spent entirely on Eugenia’s whims and wishes.

For years Dora toils away, unaware of her mistreatment, until handsome Mr. Hastings from the next estate over slowly begins to realize Dora’s true worth. He determines not only to restore the lovely Dora Deane to her rightful position, but to win her hand as well, and to form a plan that ensures Eugenia will get exactly what she deserves. 

Originally published in 1858, Mary Jane Holmes brings the New York countryside to life in Dora Deane, with the realistic, romantic manner that became a trademark of her novels and helped her sell over two million of them in the latter half of the nineteenth century. 

Bonus Content: Introduction and Full-Color Chapter Artwork 

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