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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Enhanced eBook: Her Prairie Knight by B.M. Bower

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When Eastern society girl Beatrice “Trix” Lansell arrives in Montana for a visit with her brother, she is swept off her feet by the majestic, rugged beauty of the land, by the simplicity and satisfaction of ranch life, and by a handsome cowboy named Keith Cameron. But Keith seems to be immune to Trix’s charms, and as a woman used to having young men eating out of the palm of her hand, Trix is a bit put out.

As a beautiful prairie summer stretches out before her, Trix is determined to experience everything life on the range has to offer. Amidst a glorious season of hard work and play, Trix finds herself falling in love with the land . . . and with Keith Cameron. Piqued by her growing attraction to him and his continued indifference, and despite the disapproval of her mother and a would-be suitor, Trix becomes determined to make Keith fall in love with her and teach him a lesson about women in the process. But Keith has plans of his own—to teach Trix a lesson about life, and what it really means to love someone . . .

Written in 1906, Her Prairie Knight was one of the first novels by B.M. Bower, the first woman to find success as a western writer. Bower drew from her own experiences as a homesteader in Montana to craft this smart and sweet love story, set against a beautiful untamed landscape rife with dangers and hardship, but also filled with pride and determination, laughter and song, and of course, true love.

Bonus Content:  Introduction, "Over the Hill," Full-Color Chapter Artwork

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