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The Collection

Legacy Romance is serving up romance and history vintage-style!
We're revitalizing hidden gems in classic romantic fiction for today's
e-readers with the Legacy Vintage Collection.

Readers Are Talking About Legacy Romance!

"One of the most delightful aspects of the e-book revolution is the opportunity to rediscover once-loved novels that are no longer household names. Although they're usually available for free, I'm all in favor of publishers like Legacy Romance charging a low price for well-formatted digital versions."

"Thumbs up to the hardworking ladies at Legacy Romance for hunting down these older classics, spiffing them up and giving them a new lease on life in the digital world. I very much appreciated the addition of a write-up on the author, a glossary of terms used in the book and the period images at the end."

"Thank goodness for Legacy Romance giving this book a second life in e-format (and with a beautiful cover to boot) because I would have continued to pass up the ancient library book and probably never would have read this truly wonderful story!"

"This e-book edition was a treat as well: for one thing, the formatting was great. I love Project Gutenberg and Google Books for public domain reads, but the files don't always display right in my ereader -- in this edition, there's no weird characters or formatting, and the font size was great without my needing to zoom in on anything. There's an extensive gallery of vintage images to help give the reader a sense of the era."

Our editors are hard at work, sifting through centuries of literature to find the hidden gems that we think deserve to be brought to the attention of today's readers. Each title we select receives a comprehensive editorial treatment with ease of reading in mind, and is re-packaged in a digital format with bonus features that take the reader beyond the story and into the era in which it was originally created.




Click the cover pics for the details on our enhanced ebooks!

Whether your tastes run to sweet romance, mystery, comedy, saga, or adventure, The Legacy Vintage Collection promises enlightening entertainment for all lovers of romantic fiction!